Hanging Special Areas

In every virtually every room you will hang wallpaper, you will run into special areas that need extra -- but simple -- attention. These include electrical outlets, corners, windows and doors. See how easy it is to wallpaper these areas.

Electrical Outlets

When wallpapering on a wall with an outlet, play it safe! Make sure the electrical current is off. Your switch or outlet plate should have already been removed in your initial wall preparation, but, if not, remove it now.

To paper, simply run the wallpaper over the outlet box and with your razor or knife, cut away the wallpaper around the hole and replace your plate or switch.

Hanging Inside and Outside Corners

Inside Corners

When you come to an inside corner, like in the corner of a room, measure the distance between the edge of the last strip hung to the corner. Add 1/2" to this measurement and cut your wallpaper. Align this strip with the wallpaper strip already on the wall (or your plumb line); the extra 1/2" will wrap inside the edge of the corner to the other wall. To make the wallpaper wrap easily, cut small diagonal slits and the ceiling and baseboard.

Next, measure the next strip from the corner, and hang this strip OVER the 1/2" piece wrapped in the corner.

Special Tip: If you are using a vinyl wallpaper, be sure to secure this overlap with a vinyl-to-vinyl adhesive.

Outside Corners

Unless adjoining walls to an outside corner (corners that point outward) are badly out of line, the easiest way to hang an outside corner is to wrap the strip you are hanging around the corner to the other wall. Slit the 2" overhang at the ceiling and baseboard to make wrapping easier.

If you know you will hanging around an outside corner, start will the longer wall first to avoid any pattern drop at the ceiling line in the event your corner is not perfect.

If your walls are badly out of alignment, measure the distance between the last strip and the corner and add 1". Hang this piece, wrapping the extra 1" around the corner. For the next piece, measure your wallpaper an add 1/2", letting this extra 1/2" overlap the corner piece.

Special Tip: when hanging outside corners, make sure all trapped air is eliminated by smoothing the wallpaper tight.

Ending at an Outside Corner

If your paper job ends at an outside corner (you are not going to papering the wall on the other side of the corner) be sure to trim the last strip of wallpaper 1/8" from the edge. This will prevent fraying. Another way to avoid fraying at the corners is to use clear plastic guards available at from your retailer.

Hanging Around Windows and Doors

Do not try to pre-cut a strip of wallpaper to fit around a window or door. Instead, when you reach the window or door opening, hang the wallpaper right over the edge. Cut away most of the excess wallpaper, and them make diagonal cuts to the edges of the frame. Use your scraper or knife to trim.

Continue to match the pattern around doors and above and below windows using sections of full-width strips. Make sure these shorter strips are vertical when hanging.

You can use this easy technique for other obstacles, including bookcases fireplaces, built-ins, etc.

Hanging Borders

Borders are one of the most popular and economical way to brighten up a home. They are most often placed at the ceiling, but can be placed around doors, windows, mirrors -- anywhere you would like a splash of color.

Wherever you hang borders, they should be folded in one of three ways:

  1. like an accordion
  2. paste-to-paste
  3. pattern-to-pattern

However you choose to fold, make sure you do not crease the paper, and gradually unfold and smooth as you hang.

Special Tip: If your border comes by the yard, make sure you purchase enough to be able to hang a wall at a time. If your border comes in fixed lengths, you can overlap and double cut to match your pattern.

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