Hanging the First Strip

Once your strip is activated and booked, it's time to start hanging you wallpaper.

Carry your booked strip to the wall, step up to the ceiling and unfold the top portion of your strip. Press the upper portion against the wall, leaving two inches for trimming along the ceiling line. Line up the edge of your wallpaper to your plumb line.

Give the upper portion of the strip a couple of horizontal strokes at the ceiling line to force it flat against the top of the wall. Use downward strokes t smooth down the upper portion of the strip.

Slide the middle portion of the strip into position using the palm of your hands. Always avoid puling on the edges of any wallpaper. Check for alignment against the plumb line, and smooth with downward strokes.

Unfold the remainder of the strip and smooth down the bottom portion making sure the strip is aligned with the plumb line. When you are sure the strip is positioned evenly with the plumb line, smooth over the entire surface of the strip. Remove any air bubbles, pulling the strip away from the wall if necessary.

Now using your wall scraper or broad knife as a guide, trim at the ceiling line ad the baseboard with your razor knife. Hold your scraper or broad knife tightly in place between the wall and the razor knife. Move the scraper along the wall, keeping the blade of the razor knife in contact with the wall. Replace blades with every strip for a clean cut.

Rinse wallpaper, ceiling and baseboards thoroughly to remove excess adhesives. Change your rinse water frequently and use a good quality natural sponge.

The Second Strip

Take your second booked strip to the wall and unfold the upper portion, sliding it into place. Adjust the strip carefully to align the pattern to the strip already o the wall. Butt the two edges of the strips together tightly, but do not overlap. Use the palms of your hands too to smooth the second strip into position.

Once the second strip is positioned and properly matched, use your smoothing brush to line the rest of the strip along the edge of the first strip. Trim excess at ceiling line and baseboard. Smooth out once again. Rinse. Continue with third strip.

Once you have hung three strips, go over the seams lightly with a seam roller. (Do not press hard as you may squeeze the adhesive form under the wallpaper.)

Take a look at these strips and see if the pattern repeat is correct and that any tonal variations in the wallpaper are acceptable. It is best to leave these strips on for a few days as test strips before you continue your job.

Once you are happy with the look of the first three strips, finish hanging you room.

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