Code of Conduct

WA Code of Conduct 

For the Prevention of Illegal Copying of Designs in the Wallcoverings Industry.

By signing this code of conduct, undertakes to follow specific procedures in an endeavor to prevent the illegal copying of designs and the use of design copies in the Wallcoverings industry.

The adoption of the procedures laid down in the code of conduct should ensure that:

• Wallcovering customers will have confidence that they receive wallcoverings that have been produced from original designs from their suppliers ;

• Manufacturers will use only proprietary or licensed original designs for their production;

• Buyers of drawings are not misled with regard to the originality of the design artwork.

Preventing illegal copying of designs and the use of designs copies

The procedures which the signatory of this code of conduct undertakes to adopt can be distinguished according to three different areas of design origination:

A. Designs produced in the company's own studio

a. As far as necessary and in accordance with all applicable national laws, the signatory shall obtain the full assignment of intellectual property rights including but not limited to copyright (hereafter “the IP rights”) related to wallcovering designs realized by its employees.

B. Designs purchased from external suppliers

a. The signatory shall in accordance with all applicable national laws, obtain the full assignment of the IP rights related to wallcoverings designs realized by external suppliers (including but not limited to freelance associates); in this context, the signatory shall draw up a deed of transfer and maintain record of the design purchase invoice.

b. Moreover, for the designs referred to under A and B, the signatory shall undertake to keep and regularly update records that contain at least the following information :

i. The date of origination of the design (in case of the company's own design) and the name of the designer;
ii. The date of transfer of the copyright (in case of purchase);
iii. The relationship between the drawing on file and the design eventually produced on paper;
iv. A copy invoice for the first delivery.

C. Designs which are accepted for production on a commission basis

a. The signatory shall only accept a design/artwork for production provided that the documents as referred to under A and/or B can be submitted simultaneously with respect to such design/artwork.
b. A declaration in writing by the client certifying that the conditions as referred to under A and/or B have been met will also suffice.
c. The signatory shall also keep records of the designs processed for each customer.

D. Warranties by the designer

The signatory shall only enter into the assignment of IP rights contracts as referred to under A and/or B which include a warranty by the assignor of a legal use of the concerned design by the assignee (and in particular that the concerned design does not breach the intellectual property rights of third parties).

By agreeing to these terms, your company is committed to strict compliance with these standards, and that failure to meet this Code of Conduct may result in suspension of membership in the Wallcoverings Association or revocation of membership.


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